The mission of Adpol Trade Sp z o.o. is to meet the growing expectations of our Customers, while preserving the maximum efficiency and strictest environmental standards for all business processes. Development direction of our Company is customer satisfaction and confidence in our products. 
We are a manufacturer and supplier of windows, doors, conservatories and façades for prefabricated wooden, wooden/aluminium and aluminium structures and buildings as well as of road acoustic baffles for wooden structures.

 More than 25 years of experience in manufacturing based on basic ecological raw material, namely wood, guarantees that in all our products, at every stage of their manufacture, we select optimum solutions ensuring high quality. Certainly we can say about ourselves that we are an environmentally conscious Company, since in the manufacturing process we use only ecological materials, which are adapted to the specific conditions of use of the given product. It provides their long and faultless use, and hence satisfaction of our customers.

Our motto is: high quality at a reasonable price.

We encourage you to take a look at our product pages and to familiarise yourself with our offer.
 If you do not find the product suitable for you, please contact us and we will try to meet your requirements.

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